The process
Why apply for the award?
Application process
Categories of Awards

1. Promising and commercially successful

2. Promising, novel start up

3. Commercially successful

4. Jurys choice - commercially successful

5. Social enterprise

How will the applications be made - Online

Elimination rounds:

Round 1: nomination (Jan 27th 2020 - Mar 8th 2020)

Shortlist: (second week Apr 2020)

Round 2: Jury round - before end Nov 2020

Awards - Jan 22nd 2021

How will we communicate the results to the winners?

Over personalised letter / mail

What will be the agenda for the awards function?

Live programmes, talk by Chief Guest, followed by awards function

What will the winners receive

The Final (Jury) round - will be drawn from Bureaucrats, Academicians, Start up entrepreneurs, Industry cum sectoral experts, Venture capitalists , Entrepreneurs , Professionals , Thought leaders , Industry bigwigs, etc

Rules and Regulations ( in brief, for further details -contact BCIC )